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Tokaji Fordítás 2008

Tokaji Fordítás 2008 - 0.5l

Alc: 11,36 %
Sugar: 66,5 g/l
Acid: 6,1 g/l

Tokaji Fordítás is one of the great specialities of Tokaj. Thhe pressed aszú berries are filled up again with must or wine to dissolve the remaining contents of the berries. The final result is a sweet dessert wine, containing a bit more tannic acid than the other aszú wines, its internal characters are quite similar to the Aszú 3 puttonyos.

Best served when it is chilled at 10-12 C°.

    Tokaj-Hegyalja is located 250 kms from Budapest, around the northern-eastern part of Hungary. A really pictoresque territory, the "muse" of many artists.

Since many centuries the wine and the wine-district of Tokaj has been the symbol of the Hungarian winery, embodying the quality itself.

The attention of Pannon Tokaj Ltd. was captured by this fascinating environment, and founded its vineyard and trading house in 2000.

The winery is 100% Hungarian property. According to the professional calling and maximalism of the owner the measure of the cultivated territory reaches 16 hectars today.

Besides the enlargement of the territory, in the center of Tolcsva you can find our processing plant, where the technology is also continously under developing.

Our primar philosophy and aim is to serve the Hungarian market, but we put many effort in taking part in the foreign markets and presenting ourselves in international wine-fairs all arround the world.

Capability of the soil

The present state of the soil of Tolcsva was formed during and after the glacial period. The slopes are covered with loess and mold, which are really important coefficients of grapegrowing. Climate

The climate of Tokaj-Hegyalja and Tolcsva is continental, similar to the climate of the lowlands. The average temperature is between 9-10 C. The wineries are usually situated on the southern part of the feet of the mountains, which means a good protection against the northern and northern-western wind. This position and the neighboring rivers are providing all the adequate humidity, that the grape needs. On autumn dawns the pictoresque slopes are rolled up in a "foggy-blanket", forming the perfect condition for the maturation of the noble effect of botrytis cinerea.


The first written remembrances mentioning the wine of Tokaj originate from the 13rd century.

By the 16th century it was already known all over the world, when the technical facilities and the improvement of the quality came to the front In 1562 Emperor Ferdinand the Ist delegated Cardinal Draskovics to take part in the synod of Trident. The best wines of the world were on the table of the Pope. Draskovitcs also brought one bottle of wine from Tokaj-region, Tállya. The Pope really apreciated the wine, and said: "This wine deserves to be on the table of the Pope!"

The XVIIth century was the period of the wars. The people who were handling the grape-growing works could start the harvest later than usually, only in November. By that time the berries were already shrivelled and affected by the blessed phenomenon of botrytise. The wine from these grapes became sweeter and "fiery".

As the barrels were needed to hide from the Turkish and Austrian soldiers, they put them into stone-graves. After the wars the wine-makers started to make experiments with these wines, and the result was the "borning" of the ASZÚ wines.

The quick reputation of the ASZÚ was also considered to the belief, that these wines contain gold. The wonderfull colour of the wine even bewildered Galeotto Marzio, who belived that in the land there must be gold, that the wine-stock can ababsorb from the soil and later it appeares in the berries.

The famous swiss doctor, Paracelsus, travelled to Tokaj to make some experiments on the wines of the region. First he examined the must, without any special result. Finally he drew the conclusion, that the supposedly the "gold of the sunshine" is presented in the wine-stocks. For hundreds of years people were convinced that the grapes of the region Tokaj are maturing gold.

The wine of the kings and the Russian Empire

In the 18th century the favourites of the Russian nobles' were the wines from Spain, Greece and rhine wines. Besides these the most admired wine for the tsar Peter the Ist was Tokaji. For one small barrel of Tokaji wine they paid even arround 20-25 ruble!!

In 1732 tsarina Anna Ivanova founded a Tokaji wine-purchasing committee in Russia. As the result of this they bought 50 - 60 000 litres of wines per year!!

By the procurement of the wine, there was nothing left for the Austrian Court... The situation was getting more and more serious, and the wine-purchasing was stopped by the end of the 1740's.

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